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TAFAR (Teachers’ Association for Animal Rights) is a Movement to achieve an inclusive world that compassionately coexists with its animals and nature, inspired by the Indian ideology of “Vashudhaiva Kutumbkam (the world is one family)”. TAFAR is an independent, non-profit organization which is working to get animals their basic rights, that is to live without suffering. 
Our mission is to sensitize the people against the cruelty being done to the animals which are weakest members of family face. 
Vision: Recognition and respect for animal rights in society. 
Mission: To connect and empower animal protectors to achieve animal rights by advocacy, networking and capacity building ; to create a high-impact, well-connected movement at all world wild levels which will continually address ongoing animal issues.

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Mr. G D Mathur (Gen. Secretary) M.A., B.Ed.
Mobile- 9813147812
Dr Abdul Hafeez (Vice Chairman TAFAR) (Ph.D. Life Science JNU Delhi) Mobile- 9891577185

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Founder : Mr. Yograj Singh
He is an animal lover. He has been a lecturer of Mathematics in various schools including Kendriya Vidhalya and leading Sant Narayna Das Educational Society. 
According to him, Human is destroying/damaging non-human sentient beings in many ways. Slaughtering of animals can be stopped only by realization and awakening among majority of humans. Among humans political and social leaders in different countries must be made sensitive to the unimaginable suffering being given to the animals in hands of humans. 

Chairman : Mr. Maha Singh
He is an M.A, B.Ed. He is a retired state awardee lecture/Principal/ Vidhya Niketan Sr. Sec. School-2 in N.I.T Faridabad. He is a humble being, as a teacher he has always been ready for opportunities and making preparation for success. 

Vice-Chairman : Dr. Abdul Hafeez
He is a lecturer of Biology. He is a PH.D from Jawaharlal University. He is a pure vegetarian. He has worked as a Scientist in National Institute of Immunology in I.C.G.E.B project, Worked as the head of dept. in Zoology at Akash Institute New Delhi and Worked as an H.O.D. of Zoology at OASIS Institute, Delhi. Mobile- 9891577185 

General Secretary : Mr. Gian Dutt Mathur
He is the secretary in organization. He is an M.Phil.m, M.A. B.P.Ed. He is an animal lover. He is also a lecturer of Physical Education and D.P.E. in S.N.D. Public School Palwal, Haryana. He conducts seminars in schools, colleges and social areas sensitize teachers, students and general people to avoid the non-vegetarian food. Mobile- 9813147812